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Coral sports Review

Coral sports Review

Not recommended for anyone unless you enjoy being frustrated.

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Not recommended!

Summary : Frustrating

37 Tennis Betting Review

During the last US Open I was staying at a mate’s flat and decided to bet on the final match. I was really excited for this one and I was talking about it with my friend the night before. He told me to use his account as he had some credit left on his account and wasn’t planning on using it anymore. Next day I got up and used his login info that he left me, and right from the start I started getting buggered out by this site and the interface. Couldn’t find the match I was looking for (it’s the US Open final, guys, where are you hiding it????), couldn’t log in to the account, couldn’t place the bet properly.

Everything I tried to do on this site went to shite, and I was getting really hopping mad when my friend came home and helped me out. So there were some buttons in some very unclear places, and some tricks that he had learned to fool the system into accepting the account. But why the hell should it be such a challenge for two grown men who know their computers and know their betting to place a simple bet on one game?

The whole experience with this site left me mad as hell, and I swore I wouldn’t use this site again, it wasn’t worth the win or the bonus that we got. Only after all this did my friend tell me that that was the reason he wasn’t using his credit to begin with. Thanks mate for sticking me with this crap site. Not recommended for anyone unless you enjoy being frustrated.

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