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Skybet Sports betting Review

Skybet Sports betting Review

Disappointing and unpleasant. Hopefully it was just a onetime defect, but I won’t be the one to test it again.

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I won't be the one to test it again

Summary : Technical difficulties


I was having a quiet weekend a couple of weeks ago, watching Premiere League games at home and I decided to do some in play betting. I’m not a big sports better, but I do bet on a match every once in a while.

As I hadn’t enjoyed the previous site that I had used, I decided to use While I hadn’t used them before, some of my friends do, and I had heard decent reports about their interface and their pay outs. I found the site easily and located the Arsenal match that I wanted to bet on, but the system gave me trouble with my credit card (there is no problem with the card, I used it earlier that day and have used it several times since). I was eager to make the bet as the game was progressing and I had a great feeling about my bet, and with arsenal at 4/7 it seemed like a safe bet. I borrowed my wife’s card and again, the site was giving errors or closing the windows in mid bet. I started to get put out when I contacted the online chat with a representative. This turned out to be a robot, and starting to get pissed I decided to close the site and try again.

The second time around, I managed to get my bet in smoothly, and I was finally calming down when the whole browser just closed and I couldn’t tell if had gone through or not. It took another 15 minutes to finally get the site up and running again, and the whole experience was more irritating than exciting or fun. This whole time I didn’t know if my credit card had been charged once, twice, three times or not at all.

Surely there shouldn’t be so many technical difficulties with such a simple bet, which a site of this size should be equipped to handle very easily. I contacted the customer service again and they emailed me a small compensation, fair enough but still not enough to make up for the headache and annoyance that I incurred, especially as compared to the other sites of used in the past. I can’t see myself using skybet again unless they up their performance and give a proper user experience to their betters. Disappointing and unpleasant. Hopefully it was just a onetime defect, but I won’t be the one to test it again.

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