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Titan Casino Review

Titan Casino Review

I found it highly irritating to have to concentrate on closing windows rather than playing my game.

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pop out

Summary : stay away from this site!


Titan Casino Review: stay away from this site!

I went into the Titan casino the other day, hoping to play a nice round of Live Baccarat, my favourite game. I hadn’t heard of the site before, but I found it online and decided to give it a chance. What a mistake.

First off, the pop up windows with helpful ‘representatives’ offering me all sorts of deals and bonuses were very annoying. Even with my ad blocker activated, I couldn’t get rid of some them, and I found it highly irritating to have to concentrate on closing windows rather than playing my game.

Finally, I found my game, and with the smiling fit model pasted all over the button, I was tempted to go ahead and play. The new pop up promised a £5000 bonus, but of course this is only reserved for xxxx deposits made on yyyy days by zzzz players. Nothing for me. Another annoyance, as I don’t like it when promises are followed by teeny tiny letters.

The game itself was OK, nothing spectacular, I walked away with £65 gained and was ready to call a truce with the site. However, once I had closed the window and left the site, I was stuck with some of the earlier pop ups which refused to go away, and I was forced to use the task manager and later restart my computer to get back to my normal work. I can just imagine what this would be like if I were using my work computer, or sharing one with my wife. Invasion of privacy and slowing down your customers’ computers is highly irritating, and we should be past these days by now. I spent a while deleting my history and cleaning up my computer, and I will not be going back to this site because I don’t like their way of treating customers.

I would recommend using one of the larger sites that has more of a reputation for tending to their customers. These smaller shylocks are just a nuisance, and they don’t offer any added value to their players.

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